Pageant land: Glitz, glamour and beaming smiles

The pageant world; a world that I’m sure lots of people would presume can be quite daunting and possible nasty, I myself was also one of these people that thought that. Could I have been more wrong?. With the huge line of pageant and evening gowns we hold at Rachel Allan it was only a matter of time before we stumbled across the lovely Miss Tyne & Wear, Harriotte Lane, and became the sponsor for her recent pageant. We were extremely happy when she came away with the Miss International UK title, sash and dazzling crown. ‘Eeeeee’ we screamed with excitement as Harriotte’s name was called. We couldn’t be happier for such a hardworking and deserving young lady and we can’t wait to support Harriotte on her journey to Japan, to compete internationally.

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It was lovely to see 22 young ladies doing what they love with their friends. The famous saying ‘Girls compete, women empower’ springs to mind when thinking about the pageant. The encouragement for each girl coming from the audience and their fellow finalists was outstanding and it really eliminated the negative stigma pageants may have.

Pageants are an amazing platform to boost your confidence and really love the skin you’re in. There are no height or size requirements for competing, the door is open to every lady and you are guaranteed to leave with lots more friends and some amazing memories to treasure. Pageant girls have so much positivity and love to celebrate women and all the incredible things we do daily.

Round one begun with every girl introducing who they were and their current title, whilst rocking a short silver or gold gown. Rachel Allan style 4644 impressed the judges, worn by Harriotte and it really did sparkle in the spotlight. A mixture of sequin beading and liquid beading are teamed to create this high-end looking gown and from the beginning Harriotte was spotted as a favourite.

For the final round every girl put 110% effort into looking absolutely breath-taking and the standards in the room soared to a new height. So many different styles, colours, shapes and fabrics were worn by all the beauty queens. Harriotte looked couture in Rachel Allan style 5059 and we were incredibly happy when she was announced as Miss International UK.

If you are unsure about entering a pageant I would encourage every girl to give it their best shot, many of the girls at the UK Power Pageant had entered numerous pageants before winning a title but it is impossible to leave a loser. Who can be called a loser when you are leaving with unforgettable memories, some stunning gowns and a whole new girl gang?