Prom Dresses & Prom Gowns 2018

Every girl's prom dream can come true in one of the RACHEL ALLAN Prom Dresses 2018. Prom is one of the most magical nights in a girl's high school career, sometimes one of the most enchanted evenings in her life. When the theme is given, she begins to dream about the evening. Will she go with a group of friends? Maybe she will go with a date? When her company is chosen, she adds them to her dream plans. But from the beginning of the school year, she begins to imagine her ideal prom look. She envisions the best version of herself. Magical makeup based on classic looks, make up bloggers or recent beauty trends. Maybe she does it herself; maybe a makeup artist helps achieve her look. Dreams of perfect hair range from updos to half ups to curls to flowing beachy waves. Prom girls dream about all these things, but even the best shoes and jewelry pale in comparison to finding the right prom gown.

Each girl dreams of something different for her prom night. Mermaid skirts to add or show off a curve. Tulle overlays so girls can play in flowy skirts. High style ball gowns for the princess look. Even pants, shorts, two piece prom dresses, skirts with slits, long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless... the possibilities are endless. All these possibilities and more are achievable in a RACHEL ALLAN dress. The Spring 2018 collection has all trends and silhouettes covered. RACHEL ALLAN offers a few choice floral prints in the season's best colors. This collection has red prom gowns, black prom dresses, full lace and lace details; matching chokers, cold shoulder dresses and more. Sequins are prominently featured in styles ranging from fully sequined to sequin accents. There is a variety in beading as well from fully beaded, beading patterns, liquid beading and beading accents.

For the girl who doesn't want beading or sequins, minimal styles are available in beautiful fabrics that enhance the expert tailoring. Some of these styles are done in matte satin, Mikado, jersey, and stretch satin. For the girl who wants a little more detailing, our dresses come in the most beautiful lace, organza, tulle and chiffon. For girls who want the most styling, embroidery and applique details enhance many styles. Girls who wear our prom dresses love them so much, they wish they could sleep in them. RACHEL ALLAN wants to empower every girl to feel beautiful during prom. Plus size prom dresses are available in the CURVES Dresses. Just because the sizing is different, doesn't mean the styling needs to be different. Every size dress offers the same promise of quality, fit, and beauty so every girl wearing a RACHEL ALLAN prom dress feels like a prom queen.

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